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Peer Support Group for Therapists of Children and Adolescents: Second Session


2/26 11-1 Eastern discuss 64-102

3/26 11-1 Eastern discuss 103-152

4/23 11-12:30 Eastern peer support 12:30-1:30 Author Chat with Monika Baumann

Session 2

2/26 11-1 Eastern discuss 64-102



How do you introduce BSP to kids

Case Support Q &A

Book Discussion

Self Care goal for the month

Next meeting: 3/26 11-1 Eastern discuss 103-152

Link: https://hrscounselingservicesllc.my.webex.com/meet/holly

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is your favorite way of obtaining the SUDs?

  2. How have you used your eyes in attunement with your clients?

  3. Share how you use any advanced training set ups with kids?

  4. On page 78-79, the author discusses protecting the child. What are your thoughts on the statement “we are the rescue boat and not the thunderstorm.”

  5. On page 84, the author states that “It is crucial to allow the flow of uncertainty and find the unique access point for each child’s particular processing, regardless of whether their symptoms or backgrounds are similar.” How do you do this with your clients?

  6. Pg 86- Share a “cooking without a recipe” adventure.

  7. What is a go to phrase or metaphor you use with kids when discussing the idea that all symptoms are important and needed pg98?

  8. What are some of your favorite grounding techniques you use with kids when BSP?


Peer Support Group for Buckeye Brainspotting

February 26, 2021




What would you like to get out of this group?

What would you like to put into this group?

Case Support Q &A

Upcoming trainings

Growth in BSP--Discussion of Movie Spotting

Self Care goal for the month Peer Practice

Meeting Link: https://hrscounselingservicesllc.my.webex.com/meet/holly



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