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Buckeye Brainspotting Network of Ohio


Spring is right around the corner. So looking forward to opening the windows and smelling the fresh spring air, going for walks, planting flowers, and baseball.

Buckeye Brainspotting Network of Ohio Peer Support Group

3/7/2022 @ 1:00pm.

Peer support meetings help you grow your understanding of Brainspotting through group discussion and questions, dyad work to help you build your skills, and networking with other Brainspotting practitioners. Click below to link to the Facebook invite to the next BBNO Peer Support Group. Hope to see you there.

Welcome to our New Member:

Charles Roberts. His profile to come. Keep an eye on the website!

What's New? What's Going on?

Kristen Tenuta is doing a fabulous job keeping us all up to date on the happenings of the Brainspotting Community. Check it out!


Are you someone who loves to post on social media?

Writing is your thing?

Maybe you like to lead and organize?

Do you have a green thumb for technology?

There are many little ways to contribute to help keep this support network going on a monthly basis. Working together to help post on the Facebook page, writing something for the blog, updating the website, leading the monthly peer group every once-in-awhile, finding speakers for the monthly groups, or being a speaker are just a few ways to PITCHin...

THE Buckeye Brainspotting Website

This is a place for clients to learn about Brainspotting and get connected with a therapist or access resources. Clinicians are invited to utilize this site for networking, support, resources, and connecting to the international world of Brainspotting. THE Buckeye Brainspotting Mission is to inform, connect, and support all people engaged in any capacity of Brainspotting to further our reach and expand to the International Brainspotting Community.

THE Buckeye Nugget...

David Grand, PhD Overview of Neuroexperiential Model of Brainspotting


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