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March is Self Harm Awareness Month

According to Lodes Stone Center "Self-Injury, or Self-harm, is any deliberate and non-suicidal act that causes physical harm to one’s body. There are a multitude of reasons why one may harm their self and it can occur in any population. Self-injury does not discriminate by age, gender, race, religion, or any other qualifier. In most cases the injuring is triggered or caused by an inability to cope with emotions or stressors. While the act of injuring may temporarily relieve the emotional distress, it is often times followed by a period of shame or guilt and that can start the cycle over again."

Many new practitioners share the difficulty with the challenge of "picking" a set up when presented with a client's issue. Self -Harming presentation can always be tricky. There are several ways one can approach this dynamic.

The Crocodile Set Up by Roby Ables was originally developed to impact Relapse in sobriety. Though, in her recent training she shared that this set up can be utilized with many 'behavior' type of issues. The premis of the Crocodile Set Up is connecting the urge, and consequence, and reframing into expansion.

A double spot set up could also be used. I like to have the client recall the last time they had a self harming experience. Create a Sandstory, picture, or any representation of the precipitating event and then the second spot is the body spot of the self harm location.

With a polyvagal approach, the client activates on the self harm spot and titrates between that spot and then chooses to utilize a regulation exercise (humming, peripheral vision, breathing) and utilize a gaze spot that comes up.


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Charles A. Roberts LPCC-S, NCC, CSAT< DARTT, CET1

  • I am a Certified Practitioner

  • How long have you been utilizing Brainspotting? 6 years

  • Where do you work? The Welcoming Place: Counseling and Coaching, LLC and Onsite Workshops

  • What are your specialties? Complex Trauma, Sex Addiction, Focal Dystonia and Performance Enhancement for Musicians and Athletes

  • What is your best Brainspotting experience? This is a difficult question because I have had so many exquisite sessions with clients. My favorite moments are when a client reports feeling safe and calm in their body for the first time in years!

  • What trainings have you taken? Phase 1, 2, 3, Freeze to Thaw

  • What training are you looking forward to taking? David Grand's Masterclass

  • What is the hardest part of Brainspotting for you? When my arm starts to shake when it has been in one place for a long time.

  • My favorite set up is ? Doublespotting

  • Brainspotting has changed me...Brainspotting has made me an even more attuned therapist and it has helped me believe more deeply in the embodied brain's self-healing capacity, especially with a co-regulating other.

  • How did you learn about Brainspotting? I learned about it from a colleague.

  • Share anything about your personal life, free time, loves... I enjoy being active in the arts community. We attend live performances at local universities and other arts organizations frequently. I also still get to play trombone from time to time (my previous career). I also enjoy cooking and baking. This year, I hope to master the art of making homemade sourdough bread!

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