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Every child will see themselves in the dynamic counseling experience with Aten. Counselors will love the way this children's book is creatively written with pages of opportunities to engage the client in their personal journey through two storylines of bright and vibrant illustrations. Children will explore Aten's emotions and body felt-sense expressions depicted through their inner world of emotions, focused-mindfulness, and relational attunement with their counselor. Caregivers will find a companion in this book as a way to introduce counseling to their young loved ones. Aten's journey will convey a relational sense of trust and non-judgment; where they can be themselves.
Brainspotting is the science of “Where you look affects how you feel.” The eyes are windows into our brain: memories, emotions, and body felt-sense. When a person GAZEs in a specific focused mindfulness direction in the visual field the brain/body connection (somatic response) becomes the Special Spot (Brainspot). This Spot is important because it helps the person take the issue and reduce the intensity by focusing in the specific direction with intentionality and support from the counselor.
PartsWork is the expression of how a person's emotions are interacting within the internal world of the person. Sometimes, without realizing it, different Parts of us have conflicting emotions about an issue, making it difficult to make decisions or feel content. A person’s Parts can work against each other, or they can work together to resolve conflicts. By giving each Part a voice—the ability to finally speak and be heard—a person can integrate their conflicting Parts, which promotes satisfaction and healthy living.

Aten Goes To Counseling

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